Who did not happen to run into a dog or a homeless cat? It is certainly not difficult: there are millions of them. There would be over 2.6 million cats and 150,000 dogs (Ministry of Health, 2008) homeless. If cats do not talk about social problems – if not in the countryside, as predators of small farmed animals – for dogs the topic is different because they can become wild and become a danger to humans, as unfortunately reminds us periodically the news. In addition, where lands abandoned by agriculture and pastoralism abound, can also jeopardize the survival of wolves (see The army of treacherous).

Approach the animal calmly. Do not walk directly towards him: the dog could interpret this gesture as a threat, be frightened and run away or become aggressive. Stay crouched and pay attention to its signals: uncovered teeth, growls, bristly hair should warn you. In the most difficult cases, if the dog is very scared and suspicious, it is better not to approach and let the experts of the shelter, the ASL or one of the many animal protection associations present throughout Italy intervene. If you let it get closer you can refresh it with a little water and food. Food, often, is also a great way to make “friendship” and to make the animal understand that we do not want to hurt him.

Then call the Local Police, or the veterinary service of the ASL, or the Animal Protection Agency (ENPA) or one of the associations of volunteers who deal with abandoned and informal animals of the discovery. Once they have recovered, the dog will be brought into the kennel and will remain in observation for about 10 days. At the end of which, if the rightful owner is not found, it will be available for adoption.Check that you do not have a tattoo , looking inside your thigh or inside the ear (it’s often difficult to see because of the hair, so it’s better to let the vet do it).

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